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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

EU Energy Research Policy

Fission and radiation protection

Developing sustainable energy systems and services for Europe is the strategic goal of EU energy research. In addition, the aim is to contribute to a more sustainable development worldwide.

Power station control room

This strategy will lead to an increased security and diversity of energy supply, and will provide Europe with:

  • high-quality, low-cost energy services
  • improved industrial competitiveness
  • reduced environmental impact, and
  • a better quality of life for all Europeans

Decision-making process
How energy research policy is decided and then implemented is outlined in the following sections:

  • Energy research in the European Treaties: Energy research is carried out under the terms of the European Treaties. It is needed to support a wide range of EU policies.
  • Who decides EU energy research policy?: The European institutions together decide on the Framework Programmes for research and technological development (RTD) as set out in the European Treaties.
  • Energy research in the Framework Programmes: Energy research is part of the thematic area ‘sustainable development, global change and ecosystems’ in the current research and technological development (RTD) programme.
  • The European Research Area (ERA): The challenge of overcoming the present fragmentation of Europe's research efforts has been taken up. Progress towards a European Research Area has become the reference point for research policy issues in Europe.