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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

The importance of energy

Fission and radiation protection

Energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives. Nowadays, we are totally dependent on an abundant and uninterrupted supply of energy for living and working. It is a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies.

City at night

We know that energy demand will increase significantly in the future. How then will we satisfy this huge energy requirement in an environmentally friendly way? This is the question that our research must answer.


Energy supply and demand


  • Why do we need energy?: energy provides us with heat and electricity daily. It powers our industry, transport and modern way of life.
  • Energy demand will double: by the year 2050, world-wide energy demand is projected to be at least twice today's level.
  • Future directions: energy supply must be sustainable and diverse. And energy should be used more efficiently.
  • Protecting the environment: this is reason enough to promote alternative environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • External energy supplies: If present trends continue, increasing energy demand will result in greater dependence on imported energy.
  • Consequences of energy dependence: The consequences are likely to be an unpredictable energy supply and probably higher energy prices.

Many things have changed the shape of the world we know and live in today. But underlying them all is an abundant and relatively cheap supply of energy. This fact underpins all of our economic activities as well as our leisure pursuits.