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Non-nuclear energy

Ocean Energy - EC Contractors' Meeting

Fission and radiation protection

Bremerhaven , Germany ,
October 25, 2006


Session Chair:
Mr. B. Schmitz, European Commission, Head of Unit New and Renewable Energy Sources

09:05 The European scene in ocean energy and EU activities 926 KB
K. Diamantaras, European Commission

09:15 The UK program in marine energy 489 KB
Gary Shanahan, DTI (UK)

09:25 Questions and answers


Session Chairs:
Mr. B. Schmitz, European Commission, Head of Unit New and Renewable Energy Sources
Mr. K. Diamantaras, European Commission, Project Officer

09:40 Co-ordinated Action on Ocean Energy 1.7 MB
Kim Nielsen, Ramboll (DK)

10:10 WAVE DRAGON from the 20 kW to the 7 MW prototype device 3.0 MB
H. C. Soerensen, Wave Dragon ApS (DK)

10:25 A promising WEC: multiple point absorbers in a floating platform 1.4 MB
SEEWEC, J. De Rouck, Ghent University (B)

10:40 Wave Energy Converter – Multiple Accumulation Reservoirs for high overall efficiency 1.5 MB
WAVE SSG, M. Bakke, Wave Energy AS (NO)

10:55 Questions and answers

11:10 Coffee break


Session Chair:
Mr. Tom Thorpe, Oxfordoceanics (UK)

11:30 Tunnelled Wave Energy Converter - invisible at energetic sites 4.3 MB
ALDA, O. Gregersen (FO)

11:45 AquaBuOY Demo Plant 498 KB
A. Weinstein, AquaEnergy Development UK Ltd (UK)

12:00 Archimedes Wave Swing Pre-commercial Demonstrator 629 KB
AWS-MKII, L. Hamilton, AWS Ocean Energy Ltd (UK)

12:15 Implementation of a breakwater integrated OWC power plant in Portugal 1.9 MB
BREAKWAVE, João G. Maciel, EDP inovaçao (P)

12:30 Ocean Energy in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country 1.2 MB
NEREIDA MOWC, J. R. López, EVE - Ente Vasco de la Energía (ES)

12:45 WAVESTAR 1.2 MB
M. Kramer, Wave Star Energy (DK)

13:00 Questions and answers

13:15 Lunch break


Session Chair:
Prof. Kai-Uwe Graw, TU – Dresden (D)

14:30 WAVETRAIN, an EC research training network to provide trained scientists and technicians on wave energy to an up-coming European industry 542 KB
A. Sarmento, Wave Energy Centre and Instituto Superior Técnico (P)

14:45 Prediction and Resource Assessment Coordination Activities for Wave, Wakes and Offshore Wind Energy Utilization 197 KB
POW'WOW, A. Sood, ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research (D)

15:00 Research in design methods and new concepts opening up for up scaling of large wind turbines on- and offshore 2.3 MB
UPWIND, K. Argyriadis, Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services (D)

15:15 ESHA European Small Hydro Association – Is there room for possible synergies? 488 KB
J. Bard, ISET (D)

15:30 EU-OEA "European Ocean Energy Association" 114 KB
A. Weinstein

15:45 Questions and answers

15:55 Coffee break


Session Chairs:
Mr. K. Diamantaras, European Commission, Project Officer
Prof. Kai-Uwe Graw, TU – Dresden (D)
Mr. Tom Thorpe, Oxfordoceanics (UK)

16:10 Ocean energy in FP7 2.3 MB
K. Diamantaras, European Commission

16:25 Research Infrastructures in FP7 916 KB
B. Weiss, European Commission

16:40 Risk Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF) - a new financing facility of the European Investment Bank supported by FP7 568 KB
M. Koch, European Commission

16:55 Questions and answers

17:10 Discussion – Open forum on Research priorities for Ocean energy

17:45 Closing remarks