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Non-nuclear energy

European CO2 Capture and Storage Conference – Towards Zero Emission Power Plants

Fission and radiation protection

April 13-15 - Brussels - Charlemagne Building

April 13th

Opening Session (Chair: Lars Stromberg)


Zoran Stančič, Deputy Director General,
European Commission - DG Research
on the behalf of Commissioner Janez Potočnik
>> download speech PDF icon [141 Kb]

14:15-15:00Keynote Speeches - Policy Perspectives

Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy
>> download presentation PDF icon [102 Kb]

State Secretary Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch
German Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA)
>> download presentation PDF icon [68 Kb]

Catherine Day, Director General for Environment
European Commission
Climate Change in the EU and Worldwide:
The Commission’s view
>> download presentation PDF icon [129 Kb]

15:00- 15:30Coffee Break

Keynote Speeches - Industrial Perspectives
(Chair : Pablo Fernández-Ruiz – DG RTD)

Lord Oxburgh, Chairman
Shell Transport and Trading
>> download presentation PDF icon [181 Kb]

Dr. Lennart Billfalk, Senior Executive Vice President
Vattenfall AB
>> download presentation PDF icon [498 Kb]

Charles Soothill, Vice President Technology
ALSTOM Power & Environment
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.2 Mb]

Greg Coleman, BP Vice-President for Health
Safety and Environment
>> download presentation PDF icon [87 Mb]

Dr. Bert Rukes, Vice-President,
Siemens Power Generation
>> download presentation PDF icon [947 Kb]

Tor Fjaeran, Senior Vice-President,
Corporate HSE, Statoil
“Sleipner CO2 injection – Lessons learned and what is next ?”
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.2 Mb]

Dr. Johannes Lambertz, Executive Board Member,
RWE Power AG
>> download presentation PDF icon [206 Kb]


Cocktail reception

April 14th

Advances in Capture Technologies (Chair: A. Rojey - IFP)


Main Points from the Previous Day and Fundamentals
of Capture Technologies
Pierre Dechamps, European Commission, DG RTD
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.5 Mb]


Pre-Combustion Capture Technologies : Opportunities and Challenges
Marie Anheden, Vattenfall Utveckling AB
Kristin Jordal, SINTEF Energy Research
>> download presentation PDF icon [832 Kb]


Advancement in post-combustion CO2 capture technology
Paul Feron, TNO Science and Industry
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.4 Mb]

10:30-11:00Coffee Break

Advances in Storage Technologies  (Chair: S Holloway - BGS)


Geological Storage: how, how much, how long
Niels Peter Christensen
Danish Geological Research Centre
>> download presentation PDF icon [5 Mb]

11:30-11:50Storage Case Studies and Site Selection
Tore Torp, Advisor on CO2 storage, Statoil
>> download presentation PDF icon [4.3 Mb]
11:50-12:10Monitoring of Geological storage of CO2 :
Protocols and Research needs
Christian Fouillac, Director
Research Division, BRGM
>> download presentation PDF icon [140 Kb]
12:10-12:30The Status of Risk Assessment for Geological
Storage of CO2
Tony Espie, Manager CO2 Storage Programme, BP
>> download presentation PDF icon [3 Mb]

International Aspects (Chair: H. Geipel – Germany - BMWA)


International Status of Technology and Initiatives
Harry Audus, Manager, IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme
>> download presentation PDF icon [5.5 Mb]


Co-ordination of European National Programmes related to Fossil Fuels under the ERA-NET scheme
Hubert Höwener, Projektträger Jülich


The Global Challenge – Opportunities under the CSLF
Angel Perez-Sainz, Head of Unit
European Commission – DG Research
>> download presentation PDF icon [841 Kb]

14:30-15:00Discussion on International and National Programmes

Creating market conditions (Chair: H. von Sydow – DG TREN)


EU ETS and Regulatory Issues
Paul Zakkour, ERM
>> download presentation PDF icon [85Kb]


Market-Based Introduction of CCS in the Power Industry
Lars Stromberg, Vattenfall
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.2 Mb]


Creating a North Sea CO2 Value Chain
Olav Kaarstad, Industry & Commercialisation
New Energy - CO2 Management, Statoil
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.1 Mb]


The environmental and economic imperatives affecting CCS in the context of other mitigation options
Jason Anderson, Research Fellow
Institute for European Environmental Policy
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.1 Mb]


Conference Dinner – Brussels Hilton Hotel
Sponsored by Alstom, BP, Statoil and Vattenfall

April 15th

Public Dialogue (Chair: Artur Runge-Metzger -   DG Environment)


NGO Perspectives on CO2 Capture and Storage
Kirsten Macey, Climate Technology Policy Officer
Climate Action Network Europe
>> download presentation PDF icon [249 Kb]


Public perceptions of CCS in the UK
Simon Shackley, University of Manchester,
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
>> download presentation PDF icon [3.4 Mb]


CCS for sustainable energy policy - with example
CO2SINK pilot project
Günter Borm, Potsdam Geological Research Center
Ottmar Edenhofer, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
>> download presentation PDF icon [3.5 Mb]

10:00- 10:30 Discussion
10:30-11:00Coffee Break

Strategy and Future Work – Lessons Learned  (Chair: Lars Stromberg)

11:00-11:30Future from an R&D Point of view including broad ranging possibilities plus conclusions from session chairs
Paul Freund
>> download presentation PDF icon [183 Kb]

A European Technology Platform Approach Towards
Zero Emissions Power Generation
Nick Otter, ALSTOM Power Ltd.
>> download presentation PDF icon [646 Kb]


The EU Research Framework Programmes:
New Activities and Future Perspectives
Angel Perez-Sainz, Head of Unit, European Commission – DG Research
>> download presentation PDF icon [1.3 Mb]


Closing Statements Lars Stromberg
>> download presentation PDF icon [51 Kb]