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European Conference on biorefinery Research

Fission and radiation protection


19 and 20 October 2006
Helsinki – Marina Congress Center

A major conference on biorefinery research
organised by the European Commission
with the support of the Finnish Presidency

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Biorefineries use renewable raw materials to produce energy together with a wide range of everyday commodities in an economic manner. Decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels reserves and boosting rural development, biorefineries are seen as a very promising route to meeting our aims for sustained prosperity and preserving the environment.

This conference organised by the European Commission with support of the Finnish Presidency aims to present the industrial perspectives of current and future biorefineries and to identify opportunities for and synergies among the European stakeholders. The conference will provide a forum for a technical review of the state of the art for biomass fractionation and conversion technologies. Furthermore, RTD success stories will be described and analysed, and the existing European technology platforms on biofuels, forest-based sector, plants for the future and white biotechnology will be presented.

A particular emphasis will be placed on the EU and national policies contributing to the use of renewable raw materials. The potential of the various biorefinery concepts will be put in the context of market conditions and the possible financing mechanisms will be examined.

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19 OCTOBER 2006

9:00 Opening : Policy and strategy supporting the development of a bio-based economy
Chairperson: Christian Patermann, European Commission, DG Research

11:15 European Technology Platforms
Chairperson: Christine Hagström-Näsi, TEKES


14:00 Breakout sessions. Biorefinery research and technological development.

Breakout session 1 – Biomass Feedstock and Production

Chairpersons: Piero Venturi, European Commission, DG Research
Markku Järvenpää, Ministery of Agriculture and Forestry

Rapporteur Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London

Breakout session 2 – Advances in biochemical conversion

Chairpersons: Ciaran Mangan, European Commission, DG Research
Niklas von Weymarn, Finnish Bioindustries

Rapporteur: Jim Coombs, CPL

Breakout session 3 – Advances on thermochemical conversion

Chairpersons: Maria Fernandez, European Commission, DG Research
Timo Nyrönen, Vapo Ltd

Rapporteur: Kai Sipilä, VTT Processes


Breakout session 4 – Techno-economic and environmental analysis

Chairpersons: Jeroen Schuppers, European Commission, DG Research
Petri Vasara, Pöyry Ltd

Rapporteur: Finn Rexen

20 OCTOBER 2006

9:00 Biorefinery political outlook

09:40 Building biorefineries. Industrial views and perspectives

Chairpersons: Raffaele Liberali, European Commission, DG Research

Anne Brunila, Finnish Forest Industries Federation

14:00 Plenary Round Table: The way forward – Conference Conclusions

Chairperson: Melvyn Askew, CSL

15:30 Closing: European 7th Framework Programme for Research