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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

The European Research Area for Energy Research

Fission and radiation protection

The European Union (EU) is committed to realising a European Research Area (ERA) in the field of energy research.

The European Research Area Logo
For a common strategy on science
and technology in the service of society.
The European Research Area (ERA) is a major policy initiative of the European Commission to implement the EU’s declared ambition of achieving a genuine common research policy, to build a research and innovation equivalent of the "common market" for goods and services.

European energy research is recognised as among the best in the world. But when it comes to translating this scientific excellence into concrete innovation, into wealth and jobs, Europe continues to trail its main competitors. The development of the European Research Area seeks to address this challenge.

The ERA in some fields of energy research, such as fusion energy, is already a reality. In other fields, whilst significant progress has been made, there remains much to be achieved. Future developments and initiatives will be reflected on this site.