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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

Conference on Non-Nuclear Energy

Fission and radiation protection

Conference on "Integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in energy systems"

Brussels, 25-26 September 2001
Link to conference proceedings on CORDIS

Overcoming the practical obstacles to widespread deployment and use of the new energy systems is needed to benefit fully from their advantages - they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Tomorrow's energy resources for cooling, heating and power (electricity) will include both the current generation and distribution facilities - mainly large and centralised - and the newly developed small-scale ones close to the user. These new distributed generation systems will be fuelled mainly from renewable energies (such as solar and wind) and 'cleaner' technologies (such as hydrogen and fuel cells).
To meet Europe's requirements for a sustainable energy supply, these new resources will need to be fully integrated into existing energy systems. This conference considered practical and economical solutions to solve the technical and non-technical problems of their integration. And ways to speed up and smooth out the process. A continued research effort, to accompany additional European policy and regulatory measures, will be needed to ensure success.
Support for EU policy objectives
The integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation supports the major EU policy objectives of:

  • improving environmental protection
  • better security of energy supply
  • more diverse energy sources
  • increasing industrial competitiveness
  • enhancing social and economic cohesion

The main objectives of this 'hot topic' European RTD conference were to:

  • review past and current energy research
  • examine the key issues and features
  • identify energy research opportunities

Conference details

'Integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in energy systems'
Organised by:
The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research
25-26 September 2001
Brussels, Belgium
More information:
European Commission, Research Directorate-General
Rue de la Loi, 200 (Office MO75 - 4/24), B-1049 Brussels
Phone: +; Fax: +