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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

EU-US Agreements

Fission and radiation protection

EU-US Co-operation Agreements on Energy Research Signed

Working together for mutual benefit

US Energy Secretary Spancer Abraham & EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin
The European Commission and the USA have signed two scientific co-operation agreements on energy research. One deals with nuclear fusion and the other implements an agreement on non-nuclear energy which was signed previously.
Both the Europe Union and the United States run substantial research programmes on energy to solve common problems:
  • security of energy supply
  • industrial competitiveness, and
  • sustainable development.

So they are both interested in developing solutions for these areas together and learning from each other's experience. The EU's strengths in energy research lie in thermonuclear fusion and energy efficiency, while the US is strong in fossil fuels and carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions.

Collaboration in non-nuclear energy

Fields of collaboration in the area of non-nuclear energy are:

  • fossil energies
  • climate change
  • new energy sources, and
  • energy efficiency.

Collaboration will involve:

  • developing joint standards
  • sharing unique R&D facilities
  • workshops
  • exchanging and networking experts
  • conducting joint technology foresight studies, and
  • co-ordinating research projects.

Agreement details

'Implementing arrangement covering scientific co-operation in the field of non-nuclear energy' and a 'co-operation agreement on nuclear fusion'
The European Commission and the USA

Signed by:

EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin and US Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham
14 May 2001
Brussels, Belgium

Available Documents:

Initial press release from 2001 PDF icon [34.1 Kb]
Text of the agreement (English) PDF icon [27.2 Kb]
Text of the agreement (French) PDF icon [28.4 Kb]
Text of the agreement (German) PDF icon [29.8 Kb]