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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

EU and Energy Research

Fission and radiation protection

The European Union (EU) is committed to realising a European Research Area (ERA) in the field of energy research.

Pumping petrol
These pages provide a brief overview of why the EU supports energy research and how the European Commission (EC) develops and manages the energy research programmes.

Energy from the sun
Why energy is important for society : Energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives; we are totally dependent on energy for living and working.
Why we need Energy Research: We could not move towards sustainable development without research and technological development (RTD) in the energy field.
Why the EU supports Energy Research: Energy RTD is an essential element in the social and economic structure of industrialised countries.

What is the EU's Energy Research policy?: The strategic goal of EU energy research is to develop sustainable energy systems and services for Europe.

What is the European Research Area?: The challenge of overcoming the present fragmentation of Europe’s research efforts has been taken up. Progress towards a European Research Area has become the reference point for research policy issues in Europe.
General interesting links: A selection of interesting links in the area of energy research that you may find useful.
Events and features: Information on events linked to EU energy research and other featured items.

Publications: A selection of publications about energy research produced by the European Commission.