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Fission and radiation protection

January 2009 - Newsletter January 2009 PDF icon [808 Kb]

13/11/2008 - EC Euradwaste ’08 conference summaries - Expert discussions about the implications of geological disposal of radioactive waste PDF icon [284 Kb]

September 2008 - FP6 RAPHAEL project: Journal No 4 PDF icon [318 Kb]

July 2008 - The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP): Newsletter No 1 PDF icon [397 Kb]

July 2008 - FP7 SEDENTEXCT project (Safety and Efficacy of a New and Emerging Dental X-ray Modality): Newsletter No 1 PDF icon [876 Kb]

14/07/2008 - New modelling makes nuclear power plants safer -
Euratom project PERFECT lays basis for long-term projections

The results of the Euratom project PERFECT (Prediction of Irradiation Damage Effects in Reactor Components) can make nuclear power plants safer and extend their lifetime. It lays the basis for long-term projections of nuclear power plant life management. The research consortium under the lead of Electricité de France presented their results after the end of the project in July.

31/01/2007 – MEGAPIE : Des neutrons pour la recherche et la gestion des déchets nucléaires PDF icon [71 Kb]

31/01/2007 – MEGAPIE: Key experiment for nuclear technology successfully completed – Neutrons for research and nuclear waste disposal PDF icon [71 Kb]

31/01/2006 - CATT - An effort to develop technology transfer on long-term radioactive waste management between Member States with large and small nuclear programmes PDF icon [11 Kb]

Funded under FP6 this 18-month Specific Support Action (SSA) will explore the viability of implementing technology transfer arrangements between "Donor Member States", with large programmes and Member States which may not be able to develop their own long-term radioactive waste management solutions, the "Recipient Member States". Further development of cooperation between Member States under a FP7 Technology Platform will be evaluated.

23/06/2005 - LUMC coordinates EU project on Computed Tomography (CT) PDF icon [68 Kb]

12/10/2004 - A successful European collaboration in the design of an experimental reactor for radioactive waste incineration – Final Meeting in Chalon/Saône, France from 12 to 14 October 2004 PDF icon [286 Kb]

28/05/2004 - The Sixth European Commission (EC) Conference on ‘The management and disposal of radioactive waste: Euradwaste ’04’, was held on 29-31 March 2004 in Luxembourg.

05/04/2004 - ESDRED: Innovative project to demonstrate the feasibility of High Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Repositories PDF icon [22.9 Kb]
ESDRED (Engineering Studies and Demonstrations of Repository Designs) is an integrated project which contract between the European Commission and 13 partners was signed on March 4th 2004. ESDRED aims at developing and testing disposal technologies in underground research laboratories with a five-year program.

02/02/2004 - NF-PRO: the first ambitious integrated project in the area of waste disposal to involve 40 research partners from 10 European countriesPDF icon[47 Kb - French version]

EU funded project NF-PRO will improve our understanding of long term processes in the vicinity of waste in a geological repository.

27/01/2004 - PERFECT: for greater precision in nuclear reactor material evaluation PDF icon [141 Kb - French version]

Coordinated by EDF, EC co-funded project PERFECT aims to evaluate nuclear reactor materials with greater precision through the use of innovative simulation software developed by 28 partners.