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Energy research

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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

Reactor systems

Fission and radiation protection

Here is a list of ongoing research projects in this activity area.

Projects are grouped according to whether they started in the Seventh (2007–11) or the Sixth (2002–06) Euratom Framework Programme (Euratom FP7 or FP6). Expected completion dates are shown in parentheses.

Euratom FP7

Nuclear installation safety

  • ASAMPSA 2: Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies: Level-2 PSA (31 December 2010)

    The objective of this coordination action is to develop best-practice guidelines for the performance of Level-2 PSA (probabilistic safety assessment) methodologies with a view to harmonisation at EU level and allowing a meaningful and practical uncertainty evaluation using a Level-2 PSA. Specific relationships with communities in charge of nuclear reactor safety (utilities, safety authorities, vendors, research or services organisations) will be established.
    Project factsheet
  • MMOTION: Man-Machine Organisation through Innovative Orientations for Nuclear

Advanced nuclear systems

F-BRIDGE: Basic Research for Innovative Fuels Design for Generation IV Systems (29/ February 2012)

Euratom FP6


Innovative concepts

  • GCFR: The Gas Cooled Fast Reactor Project (28 February 2009)

    The Gas Cooled Fast Reactor project explores the particular advantages of high-temperature gas-cooled fast reactors, primarily as economic electricity generators which also have a potential to support hydrogen production.
    Project presentation
    Project fact sheet
  • ELSY: European Lead Cooled System (31 August 2009)

    The ELSY project aims to demonstrate that it is possible to design a competitive and safe molten lead-cooled fast critical reactor that complies with all fourth-generation nuclear reactor goals, including minor actinide waste transmutation in a critical reactor.
    Project presentation
    Project fact sheet
  • HPLWR Phase 2: High Performance Light Water Reactor – Phase 2 (28 February 2010)

    The HPLWR Phase 2 project explores the specific advantages of supercritical water systems and applies them to the largest light-water nuclear reactor technology. Supercritical water is the state-of-the-art coolant for modern coal-fired power plants.
    Project presentation
    Project factsheet
  • RAPHAEL: Reactor for Process Heat, Hydrogen, and Electricity Generation (14 April 2010)

    RAPHAEL addresses the viability and performance of the very-high-temperature reactor (VHTR). This innovative system is not only meant for competitive and safe electricity generation, but also for industrial process-heat supply, in particular for hydrogen production.
    Project presentation
    Project factsheet

Safety of existing installations


  • ANTIOXI: A deterministic model for corrosion and activity incorporation in nuclear power plants (31 October 2008)

    The overall objective of the ANTIOXI project is to construct a deterministic, predictive model for radioactivity build-up and corrosion phenomena in nuclear power plants. Project presentationProject factsheet
  • MAGIC: Management of Aging of I&C Equipments in Nuclear Power Plants (31 October 2008)

    MAGIC is a two-year coordination action that focuses mainly on long-term ageing mechanisms of implementation and control (I&C) equipment installed in European nuclear plants.
    Project presentation
    Project factsheet
  • NULIFE: Nuclear plant life prediction (30 September 2011)

    The NULIFE network of excellence has a clear focus on integrating safety-oriented research on materials, structures, and systems and on exploiting the results of this integration through the elaboration of harmonised lifetime assessment methods for nuclear power plants.
    Project presentation
    Project factsheet