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Non-nuclear energy


Fission and radiation protection

Here is a list of ongoing research projects in this activity area.

Projects are grouped according to whether they started in the Seventh (2007–11) or the Sixth (2002–06) Euratom Framework Programme (Euratom FP7 or FP6). Expected completion dates are shown in parentheses.

Euratom FP7

  • CTB: The Chernobyl Tissue Bank – Coordinating International Research on Radiation Induced Thyroid Cancer (30 April 2012)
  • EUFRAT: European Facility for Innovative Reactor and Transmutation Neutron Data
  • JHR-CP: Jules Horowitz Reactor – Collaborative Project. The project addresses the support for the implementation of the Jules Horowitz Material Testing Reactor, a new research infrastructure of pan-European interest. This reactor, planned to start in 2014 at the Cadarache research centre (FR), will be, for several decades, a major research facility in Europe for nuclear energy and radioisotope production.


Euratom FP6

  • EFNUDAT: European Facilities for Nuclear Data Measurements (31 October 2010). The project aims at networking accelerator facilities in Europe for nuclear data measurements providing a platform for better cooperation. The objective is to provide adequate transnational access to the infrastructures and to coordinate joint research projects and scientific and technological developments in support to other projects in the area of partitioning and transmutation and advanced reactor systems for their nuclear data needs.
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  • MTR+I3: Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Material Testing Reactors (MTR) Innovation (30 September 2009). The MTR+I3 project is an integrated infrastructure initiative to reinforce European experimental capabilities for testing material and fuel under irradiation. Its main goal is to build durable cooperation between MTR operators and relevant laboratories in Europe.

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  • NICODEME: Test Facilities in Pressurised Water or Steam for Assessment and Improvement of Nuclear Safety (31 December 2009). The NICODEME project is an initiative that gives access to the extensive research facilities in the EDF group (FR). Specifically, it will allow researchers and manufactures from across Europe to work with two large-scale thermo-hydraulic facilities.
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  • PLINIUS FP6: Transnational Access to the Prototypic Corium Platform PLINIUS (31 October 2010). This initiative offers transnational access to scientific users from the EU and its associated countries who wish to perform experiments at the PLINIUS corium experimental platform at CEA Cadarache (FR). Experiments at this facility allow scientists to investigate and therefore help them to prevent worst-case severe nuclear accidents.
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  • VELLA: Virtual European Lead Laboratory (30 September 2009). The main objectives of the VELLA project are: (i) networking of existing heavy liquid metal (HLM) lead-loop infrastructures across the EU; (ii) maximise the value of these infrastructures by stimulating and facilitating access to them for researchers from other laboratories; and (iii) promote protocols, standards and a consistent methodology for measurement techniques, experimentation, data collection and data analyses in this research field.
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