Euratom Nuclear Research - Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Approximate R&D investment in nuclear fission from industry and public sectors

Source: R&D investment in the priority technologies of the SET-Plan

Approximate R&D investment in nuclear fusion from industry and public sectors

Source: R&D investment in the priority technologies of the SET-Plan

Trends in the aggregated public energy R&D funding of EU Member States (1985-2007; excluding EU funds) and detailed breakdown for the year 2007

Source: R&D investment in the priority technologies of the SET-Plan

Euratom research budget

The Treaty founding the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) established the ability to implement Framework Programmes for nuclear research and training activities that are distinct from - and run parallel to - the Framework Programmes for Research and Development under the EC Treaty.

Euratom research is currently supported by the 7th Euratom Research Framework Programme (FP7) which covers the period from 2007 until 2011.

About € 2.7 billion are available for research projects in fission and radiation protection, as well as fusion. The budget is divided as follows:

  • €1,947 million for fusion activities including ITER
  • €517 million for nuclear activities at the Joint Research Centre (JRC)
  • €287 million for fission and radiation protection

Euratom Framework Programmes budget comparison

The total budget allocated to FP7 has almost doubled in relation to the previous Euratom Framework Programme, FP6, due to the construction of the ITER Fusion project.

Research Funding – European Communities vs. Euratom Framework Programmes since 1994

The Euratom Framework Programmes run parallel to the FP Programmes for Research and development under the EC Treaty.

Source: European Commission - RTD – Euratom
Note: * FP7-EC      covers a period of 7 years (2007-2013)
FP7-Euratom      covers a period of 5 years (2007-2011)

Number of fission reactors in operation worldwide as of February 4th 2010.

The world wide total is 436. The total for all European Union member countries is 143.

Source: International Atomic Energy Agency, Power Reactor Information System (IAEA/PRIS).
Note: Long term shutdown reactors are not displayed in the chart. Their worldwide total is 5 and none are located in the European Union.

Interesting Fusion facts

Fusion fuel

Did you know that one laptop lithium battery plus half a bath tub of water contain enough fusion fuel to produce 200,000kWh, which is enough to cover an EU citizen's energy needs for 30 years?

And that 1 gram of fully reacted Deuterium-Tritium fuel provides around 26000 kWh of electricity, enough for 5000 households for one day - 10 million times more than a gram of coal?

ITER features compared

  • Our sun generates approximately 1026 watts with a density 0.01 W/m3. ITER will generate much less power - 5x108 watts - but with a much higher and more efficient density of 5x105 W/m3 (ITER image).

  • The mass of the ITER vacuum vessel system weighs ~8000 t. The Eiffel tower in Paris weights 7.300 t.

  • The Boeing 747-300 aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 377 t. Just one Toroidal Field coil weighs 360 t. ITER will have 18 operational Toroidal Field coils and one spare.

Tokamak evolution chart

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