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13 December 2010

3rd Coordinating Committee meeting of the "Agreement for Co-operation between European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) and the Government of Japan in the field of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion"

The referred Agreement entered into force in 1988. Its third Coordinating Committee meeting (CC-3) was held in Madrid (Spain) on 13 December 2010. The CC-2 was held in May 2009.

The Japanese delegation of seven members was headed by Mr. Kazunori NISHIIYAMA, Deputy Director of the International Nuclear and Fusion Energy Affairs Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MEXT), while the Euratom delegation of ten members was headed by Mr. Octavi QUINTANA TRIAS, Director for Energy (Euratom) at the DG for research of the EC. The main CC-3 outcome was the following:

The CC served as a launching pad for new bilateral forms of collaboration, beyond the Broader Approach Agreement and the cooperation in ITER. It further increased the mutual knowledge of recent strategic developments pursued by both partners.

The CC welcomed the first substantial inventory of more than hundred bilateral collaborative activities between Japanese and Euratom fusion entities for the period 2008-2010. It was agreed to keep that inventory updated.

Both Parties welcomed the present co-operation between the two Domestic Agencies for ITER and the Implementing Agencies for Broader Approach. Satisfaction was expressed that Japan and Euratom are full-fledged members to all IEA Implementing Agreements, which bears testimony of their excellence in fusion research.

The CC adopted the bilateral Euratom-JP Work Programme, composed of the following topics:

  • Inventory on fusion bilateral collaborative activities between Euratom and Japanese entities
  • Exploring areas of interactions in key fusion physics and technology topics (including potential participation of Japan in EFDA Task Forces and Topical Groups)
  • Assessing how Broader Approach dynamics could increasingly help to deepen cooperation between Japan and Euratom Fusion Associations.
  • Improving synergies in other multilateral frames, as ITPA and the IEA Implementing Agreements


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