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10 November 2010

Commission announces new Energy Strategy

Energy 2020

On 10 November 2010, the European Commission adopted its proposal for a new Energy Strategy for the next ten years, entitled "Energy 2020: A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy". The aim is to build on the 20-20-20 targets adopted in 2007, and to provide adequate conditions for these goals to be achieved.

It addresses issues such as saving energy, achieving a competitive market, leading technology advances and improving international cooperation. The implementation of the SET Plan is underlined as a priority, in particular the six European Industrial Initiatives (wind, solar, bio energy, smart grids, nuclear fission and CCS).

Nuclear energy, both fission and fusioin, forms a significant part of the strategy:

"The contribution of nuclear energy, which currently generates around one third of EU electricity and two thirds of its carbon-free electricity, must be assessed openly and objectively. The full provisions of the Euratom Treaty must be applied rigorously, in particular in terms of safety. Given the renewed interest in this form of generation in Europe and worldwide, research must be pursued on radioactive waste management technologies and their safe implementation, as well as preparing the longer term future through development of next generation fission systems, for increased sustainability and cogeneration of heat and electricity, and nuclear fusion (ITER)."

Fusion energy research is mentioned separately in the roadmap "EU leadership must also be maintained in the global flagship research project ITER. The Commission will ensure effective governance (including cost containment) and industrial value creation from ITER and the European fusion programme."

The strategy will be discussed by Heads of State and Government at the very first EU Summit on Energy on 4 February 2011, and the Commission will propose concrete legislative initiatives in the next 18 months.


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