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28 June 2005

ITER in Cadarache: The biggest success of European research effort on Fusion


Today in Moscow the Six Parties participating in the ITER project decided to build this project in Cadarache in Southern France. This agreement heralds the end of a deadlock between two alternative sites for the reactor and is an important milestone in the move towards establishing fusion as a sustainable source of energy production. This background note aims to answer major questions on the agreement reached today, and the project in general.

The agreement was signed by Guamhua Xu (Chinese Science and Technology Minister), Janez Potočnik (EU Science and Research Commissioner), Alexander Rumyanysev (Russian chief of the Agency for Nuclear Power), Niraiki Nakayama (Japanese Science Minister), Seok−Sik Choi (Korean Deputy Science Minister) and Raymond Orbach (US Energy Office Director).

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