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22 September 2003

EU networks contribute to European nuclear plant safety

As Europe's 150 nuclear power reactors grow older, maintaining high safety levels is a key issue for industry and policymakers. The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has led ten years of network collaboration between key European players in R&D (R&D) on ageing nuclear power plant safety. The Commission co-ordinates major networks on the ageing of materials in nuclear power plants (AMES), on inspection and qualification (ENIQ), for evaluating structural integrity of components (NESC) and on application of neutron diffraction techniques (NET), and on safety of Eastern European type nuclear facilities (SENUF). These are part of the JRC's SAFELIFE project on the safety of ageing nuclear power plants. These initiatives address issues such as stepping up safety of Soviet-era nuclear reactors in Eastern Europe, checking the capacity of ageing nuclear facilities to withstand accidents, and preventing cracks and leaks.

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