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9 October 2012

14th meeting of the Coordinated Committee of the "Agreement for Co-operation between the Euratom Atomic Energy Community and the Department of Energy of the United States of America in the field of Fusion Energy R&D"

photo of participants

The 14th meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the bilateral U.S.DOE-Euratom Fusion Cooperation Agreement (CC-14) was held on 9 October 2012 in the margins of the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in San Diego (USA).

The US delegation of 22 members was headed by Mr Ed Synakowsky, US DoE Associate Director for Fusion Energy Sciences, Mr Hervé Pero, acting Director of Directorate K of DG RTD, being the Euratom Head of a 14 members delegation.
Both parties agreed to closely monitor the ITER project, which constitutes the benchmark for both programmes. In this respect, the establishment of a possible international network of programmes and facilities in support to the preparation of ITER operation and the training of the future ITER generation of operators was addressed.

For this purpose, a network of programmes and main operating fusion devices worldwide (the European JET, DIII-D,KST etc.) could be established. On this regard, both parties agreed to establish principles of that network linked to both fusion roadmaps.

Further collaborative activities of the updated inventory, involving around two hundred collaborative activities between 49 US institutions and 18 European research institutions or fusion associations were revised.

Other actions agreed at the aforesaid CC-14 concern the continuing support ITER project by all means; the further expansion of the cooperation in fusion materials; the reinforcement of education and training schemes at international level; and the exchange of best practices on communication approaches to the public.

In this respect, within the framework of the EU US Energy Council both parties agreed to focus the Action Plan into two frames: facilities and updated collaborative activities.