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6 February 2012

Nuclear Waste: European citizens have a say on final disposal of nuclear waste

European citizens are invited to contribute to how research and development for disposing of radioactive waste is being organised at European level. The Implementing Geological Disposal Technical platform (IGD-TP) is carrying out a public consultation on its deployment plan until 13 February. The platform brings together European scientific research centres, waste management agencies, industry and international organizations and civil society. It aims at having the first operating geological disposal facility for hazardous waste in Europe by 2025. Highly active radioactive waste from nuclear reactors has to be buried deep under the ground to protect the environment and guarantee the health and safety of citizens. The work therefore supports the implementation of the recently adopted EU Nuclear Waste Directive. The IGD Technology Platform is co-funded by the Euratom 7th Research Framework Programme.

More information on the public consultation here: