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Fusion talent

Fusion needs talented people to make it happen. A special training programme, the Euratom Fusion Training Scheme, has been initiated to make sure that the right people acquire the right skills for careers in fusion. The scheme lasts three years, provides training on specific technologies and involves spells of work at different centres across Europe. This helps to break down any language and cultural barriers, and prepares the students for an international career. Meet some of the young people who have already shown they have the talent for fusion.

Irene Zammuto

Steady state microwave power heating systems are needed to heat fusion plasma. Irene has been trained to do just that with the European network for Training ion cyclotron Engineers (EnTicE). EnTicE involves fusion research centres in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Francesca Cau

Once fusion plasma is formed in a tokamak, strong superconducting magnets trap and squeeze it in a magnetic cage. Francesca has learnt precisely how this is done and can now design complete magnet systems herself, thanks to the Magnet Technology for Fusion (MATEFU) training action. MATEFU involves five fusion centres coordinated by the French CEA agency.

Gabor Kiss

To control the plasma in a fusion reactor many sophisticated diagnostic systems and sensors are required; Gabor Kiss has learnt how to design such instruments as well as getting to learn more about the huge ITER project now being built in France. The opportunity came through the Engineering of Optical Diagnostics for ITER (EODI) project.

Valerio Tomarchio

The ITER device is based on the tokamak concept, but other concepts for fusion reactors also exist. A leading alternative candidate is the stellerator design: an example of which (the W7-X) is being built in Germany. Although the design concepts of ITER and W7-X are different, the technologies are the same. After completing his training on the W7-X project in Germany, Valerio is now employed at the Fusion for Energy agency - the European Agency based in Barcelona.