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Fusion, your future

Fusion power is the process that powers the sun. It is the energy that makes life on Earth possible. Research on fusion in Europe and around the world promises to make this safe, sustainable and almost limitless energy source available to the world in the coming years. The work being done today is a gift of hope from the current generation to the future.

Fusion needs you - and you need fusion

Everyone needs energy. In fact more and more people are needing more and more energy as countries develop and grow their economies. At the same time, current energy reserves are getting smaller and the source of most of our energy today - fossil fuels - is clearly linked to climate change.

For the future we need to develop safe and sustainable energy sources. Renewable technologies, such as wind, wave and solar power, will all have a place in the new 'energy' world. But the world also needs power technologies that can supply very large amounts of energy on a 24/7 basis - the baseload supply.

Fusion power is capable of providing that baseload supply in a clean, convenient and safe way.

A science story - a human story

However, the task of developing fusion power is a massive challenge. The task is so big - and the potential reward even bigger - that countries around the world are joining together to make it happen.

Achieving fusion power will be a story about heroic scientific breakthroughs and pushing technology to the limits. But it will also be a story about humanity working together for the common good, about essential contributions from companies big and small, and from both developed and developing countries.

Above all, it is about bringing together human talent for a long-term, clear objective. People from all around the world work on fusion power research. It is a truly international effort where people of all races and beliefs come together, face challenges that stretch their minds and creativity, benefiting from free exchange of knowledge for a common, peaceful goal. In this diverse mix there is just one common factor: talent.

Have you got talent?

Fusion research is typical of a big science programme - it involves over 30 research centres in Europe alone. Europe is also home to the biggest fusion experiment in the world - ITER - in the south of France.

Fusion research is growing fast, and in the future fusion power will be one of the world's most important industries. This is an area that needs some of the best talented young scientists, engineers and other professionals.

Have you got the talent?