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Legal pillars and Agreements

The international cooperation of Euratom, whose main goal is to proactively approach strategic partners on the basis of excellence and reciprocity, is based on the following legal pillars:

  • The Euratom Treaty encourages international cooperation, (Chapter 10 "External relations", art. 101-106).
  • The International cooperation is an inherent part of the Euratom FP for nuclear research and training activities is adopted by several Council decisions (the last one the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme (2007-2011)).
  • The Specific programme to be carried by indirect actions of Euratom research with its two thematic areas "Fusion energy research" and "Nuclear fission and radiation protection" is further up-dated each year by means of Euratom Work Programmes. International co-operation is one of the directions of the WP.
  • The wide network of bilateral cooperation agreements between Euratom and several Third States (see table below).
Third States FUSION agreements on fusion energy research FISSION agreements on fusion energy research
In force In force Remarks
Argentina   1997 Peaceful uses
Australia   1982 Nuclear materials
Brazil Signed in November 2009    
Canada 1995 - expired in 2005 1959
Peaceful uses
Nuclear research
China under negotiation 2008 R&D in peaceful uses
India Signed in November 2009    
Japan 1988 2006 Peaceful uses
Kazakhstan 2004 2003
Nuclear safety
Peaceful uses
Russia 2002 2002 Nuclear safety
South Korea 2006    
Switzerland 1979 + amended in 1982    
Ukraine 2002 2002
Nuclear safety
Peaceful uses
U.S. / DoE 2001 1996
Peaceful uses
Nuclear research
U.S. / NRC   1999 Nuclear safety
Uzbekistan   2003 Peaceful uses