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Fusion Associations: Ireland

Dublin City University
National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology

"The NCPST is the Irish National Research Centre for on plasma related research. It is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together scientists and engineers to address both fundamental and applied question relating to the advancement and development of plasma related research for the benefit of both industry and society locally and internationally.

The Centre in collaboration with many national and international partners focuses on:

  • Sustainable Energies from Plasmas
  • Nanoscience, Photonics and Materials
  • Mathematical and Computational Modelling
  • Sources, Diagnostics and Measurement
  • Astrophysics" - Quote from site.

University College Cork, ASL, EEM and Physics Depts

"The Plasma Data Analysis Group performs computational studies and modelling of experimental data from magnetically confined reactor-grade plasmas in the area of controlled thermonuclear fusion research. This work is heavily collaborative and there are strong links with the Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, (IPP) Garching and Greifswald, and other European fusion laboratories." - Quote from site.

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