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Future industry policy

The ITER experimental facility in the south of France is the vital link between research and future commercial fusion power plants. Europe, through Euratom, is hosting ITER and is the largest investor. The existence of such a high-technology research facility in the EU is already bringing considerable benefits to European industry. Industry is vital to the fusion programme that will deliver ITER, as well as to the development of the commercial fusion power plant market that will follow.

It is essential for European industry to capitalise on the considerable opportunities offered by involvement in the ITER programme and DEMO. Not only does involvement offer European companies the possibility of economic rewards in the short term and medium term, it also offers the opportunity to advance their intellectual assets and gain experience that will yield multiple returns on investment in the longer term.

The future fusion power plant industry is just one sector that can make use of innovative high-technology knowledge-based companies that are able to provide the most advanced design, manufacturing and testing capabilities. These skills are key to success in all areas of the future European manufacturing scene that must provide high value-added, high-knowledge content products and services to remain competitive.

Fusion Industrial Policy Sector


The Fusion Industry Policy Sector in DG Research has been specifically formed to assist industry to exploit the high technology fruits of fusion energy research.

The Sector provides more information and technical details on emerging technologies or those already developed. This information comes from the several Euratom Research Programmes and many more technology packages developed by the various European Fusion Development Association (EFDA) partners across Europe.

The Sector can also advise on forthcoming industrial opportunities in the Euratom Fusion Research Programme and the ITER programme. It is vital that industry capitalise on the public investment in fusion research that Europe has already made.