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Fusion for Energy - Europe's ITER agency

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Organisation responsible for providing Europe's contribution to ITER and the so-called Broader Approach activities. F4E is a Joint Undertaking that brings together Euratom, the EU Member States and Switzerland, an associated state to Euratom. The construction and operation of ITER is an immense scientific and technical challenge. The vast majority of the advanced technology components for the ITER project will be supplied by the seven ITER members via their 'domestic agencies', with Europe being the largest contributor to the project. ITER represents a major business opportunity for Europe's advanced technology industries.

Three are the major objectives of F4E:

Funding mechanisms in F4E:

The F4E develops two Instruments for funding its activities: grants and procurements

  • Grants

The grants are a type of cost-sharing contracts that mainly aim at the execution of the R&D activities required for the finalization of the design of ITER components and at providing integration between the knowledge in the European fusion laboratory and the European industry.

The published grants and the conditions to participate in the evaluation and selection processes are systematically published at the F4E website: Grants

  • Procurements

F4E publishes on its website all the administrative and operational procurements contracts that are regularly launched.

These contracts are awarded in order to obtain the supply of movable or immovable assets, the execution of works or the provision of services for the implementation of the F4E's international tasks related to the construction of ITER and the implementation of the Broader Approach and Demo.

The full involvement of industry, including large companies, consortia and small and medium sized Enterprises (SME) will be essential for the success of the joint construction of ITER.

All the information with regard the published procurements is available at: Procurements