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Fusion research in Europe is carried out in the laboratories of the European Fusion Associations, through Associations in the EU Member States and Switzerland.

The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) covers activities carried out by the fusion Associates: co-ordinated activities in physics and emerging technology; the collective use of the JET facilities; training and career development of researchers; support actions for the benefit of fusion research; and the European contributions to international collaborations outside of the scope of F4E

All the Associations boast vigorous fusion research programmes that contribute to the European Research Area in fusion. Cyprus, Estonia and Malta participate as trans-national research units of an Association in a neighbouring Member State. Luxembourg does not have a stand alone Association but participates in the Euratom fusion programme through the Belgian Association.

Further information on the activities of individual associations can be found if you click on a flag.

Alternatively you may browse the full list of European Fusion Associations and laboratories.