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Funding for coordinated and collective actions - EFDA

The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) brings together European fusion research institutions and the European Commission to strengthen coordination and collaboration. Its activities include enhancing coordination of physics and technology across EU laboratories, facilitating the exploitation of the world's current largest fusion experiment (JET), promoting training and career development opportunities in fusion, and coordinating EU contributions to a variety of international collaborations outside the responsibility of F4E.

Funding mechanisms under EFDA

  • EFDA allocates additional Euratom funding to the Associates for research in priority areas which might not otherwise be adequately addressed.
  • EFDA manages a Goal Oriented Training scheme, mainly aimed at training engineers with ITER relevant skills, and Fusion Researcher Fellowships which encourage excellent young researchers to work in fusion.
  • The collective scientific exploitation of JET is coordinated by EFDA under the JET Implementing Agreement. The Commission and the Associates contribute to a Joint Fund which provides the financial support.
  • The operation of the JET facilities is carried out by the UK Atomic Energy Authority under a contract with Euratom, which provides most of the funding.