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Funding of fusion by the European Commission

Fusion research and development have been part of the Euratom research programme since the inception of the Euratom Treaty in 1957. The European Commission manages the Euratom Research Framework Programmes.

The 7th Euratom Research Framework Programme (Euratom FP7) covers the five-year period from 2007 to 2011 and has a budget for fusion energy research of EUR 1.947 billion. Of this over half is involved in the construction of ITER and at least EUR 900 million is reserved for other activities including fundamental plasma research and technology projects related to DEMO. Euratom FP7 will probably be extended for a further two years to correspond to the duration of the EC FP7.

During FP6 Euratom funding was EUR 824 million over its four year duration. The total annual expenditure on fusion R&D (the Community funding plus Member States' contributions) was on average about EUR 500 million per year in Euratom FP6.