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Fusion Associations: Bulgaria

Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy - INRNE, Sofia

"The Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is founded in 1972 carrying the main part of activities of the former Institute of Physics with Atomic Research Centre. INRNE is the leading complex center for research and application of the nuclear physics in Bulgaria. The scientific and applied investigations carried out in the INRNE are connected with the milestone problems of Bulgaria in accordance with the modern world tendencies and technologies." - Quote from site.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

"The Plasma and Gas-Discharge Physics Group at the Faculty of Physics (Sofia University) was founded in 1987 as a team of the first project of the Group (project supported by the National Science Fund in Bulgaria). Our work is orientated to fusion and the topic is in the working plan of the Bulgarian Association EURATOM/INRNE.BG." - Quote from site.

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