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The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP)

The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform brings together some 75 members from 19 European countries, including all the major nuclear industrial and research players (including industry - both utilities and vendors - research organisations, technical safety organisations, academia, civil society organisations, NGOs). Formally launched in September 2007, SNE-TP represents a major effort to better coordinate research activities in the area of nuclear fission safety and systems, and to collaborate more effectively in implementing research of strategic importance for Europe.

The SNE-TP Vision Report sets out three major pillars: maintaining the safety and competitiveness of today's technologies; developing a new generation of more sustainable reactor technologies; and developing new applications for nuclear power. The latter include industrial applications requiring process heat, such as desalination, the petrochemical sector, and production of synfuels or even hydrogen through high-temperature electrolysis or thermo-chemical cycles.

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The platform's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), published in June 2009, was compiled through the efforts of a dedicated working group and the contributions of some 180 experts from across the R&D community. The SRA builds on the three pillars in the Vision Document and provides more details of the research required to fulfil the platform's vision in the short, medium and longer term. Many research fields are cross-cutting, such as safety, numerical simulation, training and knowledge management, research infrastructures, etc. and these are also developed in the SRA. The draft SRA was opened for public consultation via the platform's Website before finalisation.

All platform details and published reports are available on