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The Multidisciplinary European Low-Dose Initiative (MELODI)

MELODI is a Joint Programming Initiative amongst the key EU Member States in low-dose radiation protection research. It was launched in 2009 and held its first international workshop in Stuttgart in September that year. It focuses on resolving important open questions regarding risks from low and protracted exposure to ionising radiation, in particular from medical practices.

The platform or forum consolidates research efforts around the question of risks posed by exposure to doses typically below 100 millisieverts (mSv, the unit commonly used to measure radiation). The science involved is complex and there is some cross-over between a number of scientific disciplines, some outside the scope of the Euratom programme. A multidisciplinary and carefully coordinated approach is therefore necessary.

MELODI was set up in response to recommendations of the High-Level and Expert Group on European Low Dose Research (HLEG). HLEG experts represent both Euratom and six national bodies with a policy interest or substantial research activities in low-dose risk research. The group considered this platform to be the most efficient and effective way forward in order to resolve the outstanding issues in low-dose risk research in Europe.

MELODI members are drafting a Strategic Research Agenda following the September 2009 workshop.

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