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The Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform (IGDTP)

The planning of a Technology Platform dedicated to the geological disposal of so-called high-level radioactive (or nuclear) waste was initiated during 2006 and 2007 by a group of European radioactive waste management organisations and other bodies involved in the long-term European research effort in this field.

With the support of the Euratom FP, a feasibility study was conducted as part of the FP6 project CARD ('Coordination Action on Research, Development and Demonstration Priorities and Strategies for Geological Disposal'), which laid the groundwork for the new Technology Platform.

The vision is that by 2025, the first geological disposal facilities for spent fuel, high-level waste, and other long-lived radioactive waste will be operating safely in Europe. These will also be the first such facilities in the world, demonstrating the lead that Europe has in safe and responsible management of the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle. The platform will coordinate and implement the necessary R&D to realise this objective, involving a wide range of R&D stakeholders involved in this field.

Euratom FP7 supports "implementation oriented" research in geological disposal - this is clearly specified in the Council Decision establishing the Euratom programme. The Technology Platform is therefore a timely initiative, piloted by the industry / end-users of this research (i.e. the national radioactive waste management organisations), which will also help the supporting Euratom research effort to remain effective and focused on EU strategic priorities.

The platform was formally launched at an event in Brussels in November 2009. The Vision Document was published at the same time and is available from the platform's Website.

Refer to for further details of the platform's activities.