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Euratom Fission Training Schemes (EFTS)

The Euratom Fission Training Schemes (EFTS) are designed to structure research training in all areas of nuclear fission and radiation protection in order to establish a common certificate for professionals throughout the EU.

The EFTS are not a simple training and mobility programme. They are dedicated to structuring both research training and researcher career development across the EU. The schemes address lifelong learning and career development of experienced researchers, both in the public and private sectors. They target nuclear researchers and industrial experts at the postgraduate level, from doctoral students to senior visiting scientists.

One of the major objectives of the schemes is to facilitate the transfer of higher-level knowledge and technology between disciplines, sectors and countries. The ultimate goal is to develop a European passport for Continuous Professional Development, which relies on the principles of common qualification criteria, a common mutual recognition system, and the facilitation of teacher, student and worker mobility across the EU.

In 2009, three new EFTS are underway: ENEN-III on nuclear engineering, ENETRAP-II on radiation protection, and PETRUS-II on radioactive waste disposal.