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Collaborative platforms

In line with the strategy to establish a true European Research Area in nuclear science and technology, and with the support of the European Commission via the Euratom Framework Programme, three forums have recently been established that bring together leaders from industry, academia and national research and safety organisations to plan and carry out research more strategically. Two of these forums are Technology Platforms involving industrial players and end users of the technology as well as publicly-funded research organisations and institutes:

The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP)

The Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform (IGDTP)

The third is a 'Joint Programming Initiative' that will coordinate publicly funded national research programmes:

The Multidisciplinary European Low-Dose Initiative (MELODI)

In all cases, these 'collaborative platforms' have been established around a common vision for the research in each field, and members then agree and implement a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), using their own resources. The Euratom FP uses the SRAs as an important source of topics for its annual calls for proposals.