Workshop "Common View on Biomass Feedstock Availability for the SET-Plan European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative"


16 April 2010, Brussels



The (SET-Plan) European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) addresses the technical and economic barriers to the further development and accelerated commercial deployment of bioenergy technologies. The availability of sustainable biomass is a precondition for the ambitious programme of innovative bioenergy demonstration and reference plants of the Industrial Initiative.
Studies on biomass feedstock potential give a very wide range of predictions. To pursue the ambitions of the EIBI it is desirable to narrow down this range of predictions. This dedicated workshop was organised by the Research DG to clarify the assumptions of these studies, uncertainties and gaps of knowledge.
Detailed background information is available in the Issues Paper (PDF icon 308 KB) , prepared by Deborah O'Connell, CSIRO.
The workshop was preceded by the International Bioenergy Symposium, organised on 15 April by the BEE and CEUBIOM projects.


The aim of the workshop presentations was to outline:

  1. the range of potential predictions for various biomass feedstocks;
  2. the major factors determining the availability of biomass for bioenergy and other bio-based products;
  3. the main uncertainties and factors that influence the key parameters and likelihood of different scenarios;
  4. the major direct and indirect environmental and social impacts of increased biomass use for bioenergy at global level.


The stakeholders of the EIBI, the bio-based industries, agricultural and forestry sectors and the policy makers were invited along with researchers specialised in biomass assessments – mostly from the two twinned projects BEE and CEUBIOM.
Please click here for the list of participants (PDF icon 65 KB) .

Agenda and presentations

Introduction and objectives of the workshop (PDF icon 73 KB)
Bruno SCHMITZ, Head of Unit "New and Renewable Energy Sources", Research DG

Biomass in the context of the Knowledge Based Bioeconomy Theme 2 "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology" (PDF icon 550 KB)
Maria FERNANDEZ GUTIERREZ, Research programme officer, Unit "Biotechnologies", Research DG

Outline of the issues and programme of the day (PDF icon 248 KB)

Biomass feedstocks – expectations from industry (PDF icon 190 KB)
Markku KARLSSON, European Bioenergy Industrial Initiative

Biomass potential assessment studies: presentation of the review done by the BEE project (PDF icon 2.5 MB)
Matthias DEES, BEE project co-ordinator

Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and Earth observations - presenting results from the CEUBIOM project (PDF icon 916 KB)
Balazs BODO, CEUBIOM project co-ordinator

Potential availability of woody biomass from European forests (PDF icon 1.1 MB)
Hans VERKERK, European Forest Institute

Discussion on 3.1.: the things we know sufficiently and do not require more research

Factors for identifying 'environmentally compatible' bioenergy potential (PDF icon 938 KB)

Can biofuels be sustainable by 2020? (PDF icon 5.3 MB)

Discussion on 3.2.: key knowledge gaps and unresolved issues and impacts – including environmental and social impacts of increased bioenergy and possible policy responses

International dimension of biomass feedstock demand in Europe (PDF icon 2.1 MB)

Discussion on 3.3. Moving from 'plausible' to 'likely' scenarios and 3.4. the 'ideal study' and future research needs

Wrap up and conclusions: A common view on biomass feedstock potential… how far away from it?

Next steps
Bruno SCHMITZ, Head of Unit "New and Renewable Energy Sources", DG Research