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International Cooperation


The EU is seeking an increasingly close relationship with Ukraine, going beyond cooperation, to gradual economic integration and a deepening of political cooperation. Ukraine is a priority partner country within the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Ukraine became a member of the World Trade Organisation in May 2008. With this in mind, negotiations on the establishment of a deep and comprehensive Free Trade Area, as an integral part of the Association Agreement, were launched in February 2008.

Bilateral cooperation

Research cooperation between the EU and Ukraine is based on the 'Agreement on cooperation in science and technology between the European Community and Ukraine' signed in 2002. This agreement explicitly covers cooperative activities in the area of non-nuclear energy.

The Ukraine is part of the Black Sea Region. Cooperation in energy research between the EU and Ukraine has been taken place mainly in this bi-regional context.

Research projects

Under the Energy Theme of the current research funding programme (FP7, 2007-2013) so far three projects including four participants from Ukraine receive funding.

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Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Multi-APprOach for high efficiency integrated and inteLLigent cONcentrating PV modules (Systems)
11.7 8.3 State Enterprise Scientific Research Technological Institute of Instrument Engineering
Biomass Energy Europe
2.8 1.8 - National Agricultural University of Ukraine
- Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass" Ltd
Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and earth observations
1.3 1.3 Ukrainian Land and Resource Management Center


Between 2002 and 2006 (FP6) four projects including four Ukrainian participants were funded under the research area 'Sustainable Energy Systems' (Topic 6.1.).

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Development of solar-grade silicon feedstock for crystalline wafers and cells by purification and crystallisation
4.4 2.7 Joint Stock Company Pillar
Integrated Wind Turbine Design
22.6 14.6 V.N. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences
Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-firing
1.1 1.1 Scientific Engineering Centre 'Biomass' Ltd
Demonstration of SOFC stack technology for operation at 600C
11.9 6.8 Institute for Problems of Materials Science - Ukrainian Academy of Sciences


Between 1998 and 2002 (FP5) two energy research projects including two Ukrainian participants were funded.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Fabrication of a 20% efficient silicon solar cell by a cost effective industrial process
2.9 1.5 Joint Stock Company Pillar
Accompanying Measure To Assist Technology Transfer Of EU Biomass / Biomass Waste Utilisation Technologies To China
0.7 0.7 Scientific Engineering Centre Biomass