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International Cooperation


The EU seeks to develop a particularly close relationship with Tunisia, its geographical neighbour, and to support Tunisia’s economic and political reforms. The relationship emphasises close cooperation on democratic reform, economic modernisation and migration issues. Tunisia and the EU are bound by an Association agreement.

Bi-regional cooperation

Research cooperation between the EU and the Tunisia is based on the 'Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between the European Community and the Tunisian Republic' signed in 2003. Under this agreement, cooperation between the EU and Tunisia is made easier by allowing legal entities established in either party to participate in the research programmes of the other party (e.g. Tunisian entities can participate in indirect actions of the Community’s Framework programme).

Tunisia is part of the "Mediterranean Partner Countries". Cooperation between the EU and Tunisia in energy research takes place in this bi-regional context.

Research projects

Under the Energy Theme of the current research funding programme (FP7, 2007-2013) so far no projects with participants from Tunisia receive funding.


Between 2002 and 2006 (FP6) one project including one Tunisian participant was funded under the research area 'Sustainable Energy Systems' (Topic 6.1.).

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Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability
11.7 7.6 Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie


Between 1998 and 2002 (FP5) two energy research projects including two Tunisian participants were funded.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Large Scale Integration of PV and wind power in Mediterranean countries
1.1 0.6 Societe Tunisienne de l'Electricite et du Gaz
Promoting and Financing clean Developement Mechanism Renewable Energy Projects in the Mediterranean Region
0.1 0.1 National Agency of Renewable Energies