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International Cooperation


The EU and Egypt began diplomatic relations in 1966. The EU would like to develop a particularly close relationship to Egypt, its geographical neighbour, and to support Egypt’s domestic and political reforms. Egypt and the EU are bound by the Association Agreement which came into force in 2004.

Bi-regional cooperation

Cooperation in research between the EU and Egypt is based on the 'Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Arab Republic of Egypt' signed in 2005. Under this agreement cooperation between the EU and Egypt in the fields of common interest is made easier by allowing legal entities established in either region/country to participate in the research programmes of the other (e.g. Egyptian entities can participate in indirect actions of the Community’s Framework Programme and vice versa).

More generally, on 2 December 2008, Egypt and the European Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Partnership on Energy. Both sides have resolved to give priority to the following areas from 2009-2015:

  • Development of a comprehensive Egyptian energy strategy, which will include inter alia objectives for institutional capacity building and energy market reform in view of improving energy security and sustainable development;
  • Establishment of a work program for the gradual convergence of Egypt’s energy market regulations with those of the EU;
  • Development of a wide-ranging policy with relevant joint measures and projects in the field of energy demand management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • Development of energy networks aimed at improving the energy security of Egypt and the EU as well as transit through Egypt and from the Mashrek region to the EU;
  • Enhancement of technological, scientific and industrial cooperation.

The EU cooperates with the region "Mediterranean Partner Countries". EU cooperation activities with Egypt in the area of energy research take place mainly within this bi-regional context.

Research projects

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Under the Energy Theme of the current research funding programme (FP7, 2007-2013) so far two projects including two participants from Egypt have received funding.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Combined solar power and desalination plants: technico-economic potential in Mediterranean Partner countries
1.0 1.0 New and Renewable Energy Authority
New Applications for CPY's: A Fast Way to Improve Reliability and Technology Progress
7.1 4.4 Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation - National Water Research Center


Between 2002 and 2006 (FP6) two projects including three Egyptian participants were funded under the research area 'Sustainable Energy Systems' (Topic 6.1.).

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Integrated Small Scale Solar Heating and Cooling Systems for a Sustainable Air-conditioning of Buildings
2.0 0.8 - Egyptian Solar Research Center Ltd
- Al Wadi Co.
New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability
11.7 7.6 New and Renewable Energy Authority


Between 1998 and 2002 (FP5) two energy research projects including two Egyptian participants were funded.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Scenarios and strategies for the implementation of the Clean Developmernt Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol in the Mediterranean Region ('CDMED')
0.4 0.2 New and Renewable Energy Authority
Large Scale Integration of PV and wind power in Mediterranean countries (MED2010)
1.1 0.6 New and Renewable Energy Authority