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International Cooperation


The EU and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1960. In May 2007 the EU recommended launching a strategic partnership to further deepen its ties with Brazil. The first ever EU-Brazil Summit was held in Lisbon in July 2007. Central topics of the new partnership include, for example, effective multilateralism, climate change and sustainable energy.

Cooperation research between the EU and Brazil is based on the 'Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Federative Republic of Brazil' which was signed in 2004. This agreement explicitly covers cooperative activities in the area of clean energy technologies.

Learn more about how the EU and Brazil have been working together in energy research.

Bilateral cooperation

For information on important initiatives and events please consult the website for regional cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

At a bilateral level, and within the context of the reinforced cooperation with Latin American countries, a coordinated call with Brazil in the area of second generation biofuels has been published in 2008/2009.

Multilateral cooperation

The European Union and Brazil work together in the following multilateral initiatives:

  • Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum: Brazil is a founding member of the Forum since its inception in June 2003. The objective of the CSLF is:
    • to streamline cooperation aiming at developing improved cost-effective technologies for separating carbon dioxide from flue stream gases,
    • to store carbon dioxide safely for the long term, and
    • to make these technologies broadly applicable internationally to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

    The CSLF is currently comprised of 22 members (21 countries plus the European Commission).

  • International Partnership in the Hydrogen Economy: Brazil is a founding member of the Partnership since its establishment in November 2003. IPHE's objective is to reduce the global dependence on oil by supporting the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, both for transportation systems and stationary applications. Currently the IPHE consists of 17 members (16 countries plus the European Commission).

Research projects

For more information please click on the project acronym.

Under the Energy Theme of the current research funding programme (FP7, 2007-2013) so far three projects with five Brazilian participants receive funding.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Biofuels Assessment on Technical Opportunities and Research Needs for Latin America
1.3 1 Fundacao de Apoio a Universidade de Sao Paulo
Conversion of Sugar Cane Biomass into Ethanol
2.5 1.7 - Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
- Novozymes Latin America Ltda.
- Universidade Federal do Parana
The Production of Sustainable Diesel-Miscible-Biofuels from the Residues and Wastes of Europe and Latin America
4.9 3.7 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Between 2002 and 2006 (FP6) seven projects including nine Brazilian participants were funded under the research area 'Sustainable Energy Systems' (Topic 6.1.).

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Solar-Hybrid Power and Cogeneration Plants
3.4 1.8 - Fundacao de Apoio a Universidade de Sao Paulo
- Vitalux Eficiencia Energetica Ltda
BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport
17.7 8.0 - Biomass Users Network do Brasil
- Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia - Universidade de Säo Paulo
Prediction Of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind
1.2 1.0 Fundacao de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
CO2 capture using amine processes: International cooperation and exchange
1.1 0.4 Universidade Salvador - Unifacs
Fuel Cell Testing and Dissemination
0.8 0.6 Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Hormalizacao e Qualidade Industrial -Inmetro
Cost Assessment for Sustainable Energy Systems
1.6 1.4 Fundacao Coppetec - Ccoordenacao Pesquisas e Estudos Technologicos


Between 1998 and 2002 (FP5) one energy research project including two Brazilian participants was funded.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
Eu-Brazilian Industrial Demonstration Of Gasification To Electricity.
99.2 4.2 - Centro de Tecnologia Copersucar
- Consorcio ser - Sistemas de Energia Renovavel