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International Cooperation


Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. Argentina was the first Latin American country to formalise its relations with the EU through a third-generation cooperation agreement. The EU is its first cooperation partner, first investor and second trade partner after Brazil.

Research Cooperation between the EU and Argentina is based on the 'Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Argentine Republic' which was signed in 1999. Under this agreement cooperation may cover all research activities, technological development and demonstrations included in the "Cooperation" Specific Programme of the current EU Research Framework Programme (FP7).

Bilateral cooperation

The EU cooperates with the region "Latin America and Caribbean". EU cooperation activities with Argentina on energy research take place within this bi-regional context.

Research projects

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Since 2007 (FP7) four projects including five Argentinean participants have been funded.

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
High-efficient co-production of biobutanol and bioethanol as diesel and gasoline substitutes in Europe and LA by the development of an innovative lignocellulose feedstock biorefinery process
7.9 6.0 Instituto Interamericano de cooperacion para la Agricultura
Biofuels assessment on technical opportunities and research needs for Latin America
1.3 1 - Camara Argentina de Energias Renovables Asociacion
- Fundacion Bariloche
The Production of Sustainable Diesel-Miscible-Biofuels from the Residues and Wastes of Europe and Latin America
4.9 3.7 Universidad de Buenos Aires
Fluorine substituted High Capacity Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage at low working temperatures
2.7 2.1 Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas


Between 2002 and 2006 (FP6) one project with one Argentinean participant was funded under the research area 'Sustainable Energy Systems' (Topic 6.1.)

Project Acronym / Title Project total cost (Million EUR) Project EC contribution (Million EUR) Organisation name
CO2 Geological Storage: Research into Monitoring and Verification Technology
15.5 8.3 Facultad de Ciencias Astronomicas y Geofisicas, Universidad Nacional de la Plata