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Policy Framework

Europe's energy and climate policy has set ambitious targets for a sustainable, secure and competitive energy system. To achieve these targets, energy technologies have to become cleaner, safer and more affordable. It is clear that research and development has to play a major role in this respect. European research policy provides the tools and framework for effective European R&D.

The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) brings all the different strands together in a coherent way. It defined a long-term vision of the energy system and creates the specific instruments to achieve it. An important aspect of the SET-Plan is the international cooperation with partner countries.

  • Energy and Climate Policy

    Sustainability, security of supply and competitiveness - learn more about the magic triangle of Europe's energy and climate policy. More

  • Research Policy

    Improving our competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy - learn how the EU contributes to this objective. More

  • International Cooperation

    Energy challenges are global. Read how Europe is cooperating with other countries to tackle common challenges. More

  • The SET Plan

    Better technologies are essential for a more sustainable energy system. The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) works out how we can best use the available resources to develop and deploy these technologies. More