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[Last update: 30.08.2001]

ELOISE Projects implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme
Project acronym
or contract no.
Project titleProject coordinator
Environment and Sustainable Development Programme, Key Action 1 (Water management)
INCAIntegrated Nitrogen Model for European CatchmentsP. Whitehead, Reading, United Kingdom
BEAMBridging effect assessment of mixtures to ecosystem situations and regulationL. Grimme, Bremen, Germany
COMETComposition of dissolved organic matter and its interaction with metals and ultraviolet radiation in river-ocean systems: impact on the microbial foodwebG.J. Herndl, Den Burg, The Netherlands
EUROCATEuropean Catchments - Catchments changes and their impact on the coastW. Salomons, Geesthacht, Germany
DANUBSNutrient Management in the Danube Basin and its impact on the Black SeaH. Kroiss, Wien, Austria
STREAMESHuman effects on nutrient cycling in fluvial ecosystems: Development of an Expert System to assess stream water quality management at reach scale. F. Sabater, Barcelona, Spain
Environment and Sustainable Development Programme, Key Action 3 (Marine ecosystems)
DELOSEnvironmental Design of Low Crested Coastal Defence StructuresA. Lamberti, Bologna, Italy
HUMORHuman interaction with large scale coastal morphological evolutionM.A. Losada, Granada, Spain
LIMASLiquefaction Around Marine StructuresS.B. Multu, Lyngby, Denmark
PROTECTPRediction Of The Erosion of Cliffed TerrainsJ. Busby, Nottingham, United Kingdom
SIGNALSignificance of external / anthropogenic nitrogen for central baltic sea n-cyclingM. Voss, Rostock, Germany
OAERREOceanographic applications to eutrophication in regions of restricted exchangeP. Tett, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
MEADMarine Effects of Atmospheric DepositionT. Jickells, Norwich, United Kingdom
NTAPNutrient dynamics mediated through turbulence and plankton interactionsC. Marrase, Barcelona, Spain
MOLTENMonitoring long-term trends in eutrophication and nutrients in the coastal zone : Creation of guidelines for the evaluation of background conditions, anthropogenic influence and recoveryD. Conley, Roskilde, Denmark
DOMAINEDissolved organic matter (DOM) in coastal ecosystems: transport, dynamics and environmental impactsM. Søndergaard, Hillerød, Denmark
EUROTROPHNutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal EcosystemsM. Frankignoulle, Liège, Belgium
M&MSMonitoring & managing of european seagrass bedsJ. Borum, Copenhagen, Denmark

ELOISE Projects implemented under the Fourth framework programme
Project acronym
or contract no.
Project titleProject coordinator
Marine Science and Technology Programme
ESCAPEEntangled Sulphur and CArbon cycles in Phaeocystis dominated EcosystemsJ. Stefels, Groningen, The Netherlands
EULITEffects of Eutrophicated Seawater on Rocky Shore Ecosystems Studied in Large Littoral MesocosmsT. L.Bokn, Oslo, Norway
KEYCOP Key Coastal Processes in the Mesotrophic Skagerrak and the Oligotrophic Northern Aegean: A Comparative StudyJ. Gray, Oslo, Norway
PHASE Physical Forcing and Biogeochemical Fluxes in Shallow Coastal Ecosystems F. Mølenberg, Risoe, Denmark
MARINE MONITORING SYSTEM 2000+ Marine Monitoring System 2000+ for the North Sea Region / Feasibility and Definition PhaseR. Van der Poel, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
NICENitrogen Cycling in EstuariesT. Dalsgaard, Risoe, Denmark
COMWEBComparative analysis of food webs based on flow networks: Effects of nutrient supply on structure and function of coastal plankton communitiesY. Olsen, Trondheim, Norway
CHABADAChanges in bacterial diversity and activity in Mediterranean coastal waters as affected by eutrophicationE. Stackebrandt, Braunschweig, Germany
METROMEDDynamic of Matter Transfer and Biogeochemical Cycles: Their Modelling in Coastal Systems of the Mediterranean SeaChr. Anagnostou, Athens, Greece
F-ECTSFeed-Backs of estuarine circulation and transport of sediments on phytobenthosA. Bergamasco, Venezia, Italy
DOMTOXImportance of dissolved organic matter from terrestrial sources for the production, community structure and toxicity of phytoplankton; role of micropredators for transmission of toxins to commercial shellfish and fish larvaeS. Y. Maestrini, L'Houmeau, France
Environment and Climate Programme
ROBUST ROle of BUffering capacities in STabilising coastal lagoonecosystemsR. De Wit, Arcachon, France
Sub-GATESubmarine Groundwater-fluxes And Transport-processes from methane rich coastal sedimentary EnvironmentsM. Schlüter, Kiel, Germany
CLICOFI Effects of climate induced temperature change on marine coastal fishes H.O. Poertner, Bremerhaven, Germany
EUROSSAMEuropean Salt Marshes ModellingJ.C. Lefeuvre, Rennes, FR
BASISThe Barents Sea Impact StudyM. A. Lange, Münster, Germany
POPCYCLINGEnvironmental cycling of selected persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Baltic RegionJ. M. Pacyna, Kjeller, Norway
ECOFLAT The eco-metabolism of an estuarine tidal flat C. Heip, NIOO, Yerseke, The Netherlands
TOROSTinto Odiel River Ocean StudyF. Elbaz-Poulichet, Montpellier, France
BIOGESTBiogas Transfer in EstuariesM. Frankignoulle, Liège, Belgium
ISLEDInfluence of rising Sea Level on Ecosystem Dynamics of salt marshesT. Cappenberg, Yerseke, The Netherlands
DUNESIntegrated management methods: Monitoring environmental change in coastal dune ecosystems.A. Th. Williams, Bath, United Kingdom
EROS-21Biogeochemical Interactions between the Danube River and the North-Western Black SeaJ.-M. Martin, Ispra, Italy
BBCSBaltic basin case studyB.-O. Jansson, Stockholm, Sweden
RANRRegional analysis of subsurface retention of nitrogen and the impact of such retention on the export of nitrogen from land to sea.A. Grimvall, Linköping, Sweden
BASICBaltic Sea cyanobacteriaL. J. Stal, Yerseke, The Netherlands
MAMCSMediterranean atmospheric mercury cycle systemN. Pirrone, Rende, Italy
ANICEAtmospheric Nitrogen Inputs into the Coastal EcosystemG. De Leeuw, Den Haag, The Netherlands
MOEMercury Species over Europe. Relative Importance of depositional methylmercury fluxes to various ecosystemsA. Iverfeldt, Stockholm, Sweden


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