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ELOISE - European Land-Ocean Interaction Studies
3rd Open Science Meeting

1-4 December 1999, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

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POSTERS 6th version d.d. 27-11-99


Achterberg, E.P., C. Braungardt, N.H. Morley, F. Elbaz-Poulichet and M. Leblanc

Impact of Los Frailes mine spill on riverine, estuarine and coastal waters in southern Spain


Adam, D. and A. Engel

Vertical distribution and buoyancy control of filomentous cyanobacteria at the Baltic Sea during summer 1999


Albertano, P. , R. Congestri, E. Viaggiu and R. Federici

Diel fluctuations in biomass and nitrogen reserves of Baltic diazotrophic cyanobacteria


Belviso, S., G. Thouzeau and J. Stefels

Comparative spring budgets of DMSP in North Norwegian fjords and the North Sea


Berdal, B., A. Nedenes, S. Thorkildsen and O. Brix

Haemoglobin studies of cod populations in relation to geographical variation


Bokn, T. L., E.E. Hoell, K. Kersting and K. Sørensen

Methods Applied in the Large Littoral Mesocosms Study of Nutrient Enrichment in Rocky Shore Ecosystems - EULIT


Bonardi, M., R. Sitran, P. Ciavola and S. Covelli

Comparative evaluation of sedimentological, geochemical and mineralogical properties of the surface sediments in some selected sites of the Lagoon of Venice (Italy)


Boorman, L.A., J. Hazelden and M.S. Boorman

Investigations into the changing organic contents with depth in the soil profile of salt marsh soils


Breivik, K., J.M. Pacnya, J. Fudala, E. Strzelecka-Jastrzab, J. Münch and P. Wåhlin

An Inventory of European emissions of selected POPs, 1970-1996


Brown, S. and R. Cox

A Decision Support System for Eurosam


Buis, K., J.J. Middelburg and K. Soetaert

Construction of a Vertical Intregrated Model (VIM) from fully dynamic numerical ldiagenetic models for use in benthic-pelagic coupling


Cabaço S., R. Santos and O. Ferreira

Relationships between population dynamics and sediment granulometry in Cymodocea nodosa stands of ria formosa lagoon (Portugal)


Cabrita, M.T. and V. Brotas

Seasonal variation of denitrification in estuarine intertidal sediments of tagus estuary (Portugal)


Caçador, I., M.A. Martins-Loução and F. Catarino

Twenty years of vegetation dynamics in salt marshes of the Tagus estuary (Portugal)


Carvalho, L.M., I. Caçador and M.A. Martins-Loução

Flooding tolerence of two different Aster Tripolium populations: role of arbuscular mycorehicas


Carvalho, L.M., I. Caçador and M.A. Martins-Loução

Seasonal and zonation effects on mycorrhizal colonization of salt marsh plants


Ciavola, P., C. Evarchi, S. Cabaço, O. Ferreira and R.P. Santos

Sedimentation rates in the Ria Formosa Lagoon (Portugal): a field assessment of spatial changes across the vegetated intertidal zone


Colangelo M.A., G. Giordani, S.K. Heijs, H. van Gemerden and V.U. Ceccherelli

Role of presence/absence of macrophytes on resistance, resilience and structure of meiobenthic communities


Craeymeersch, J.A., J. Rueda and A.C. Smaal

Feeding behaviour and abundance of Spisula subtrancata populations of the Dutch coastal zone


Créach, V., B. Le Rouzic and A-M. Béssieres

Microbial trophic interactions in the field and in the mesocosms


Degerholm, J., K. Gundersen, E. Soderback and Birgitta Bergman

A first look at N2-fixation and C:N:P ratios in lyanobacteria along a transect off the Swedish coast


De Wachter, B., V. Reynders, M. Zakhartsev and R. Blust

Stress proteins in fish


Dyer, F., I. Croudace and J. Thomson

A preliminary geochemical study of the Westerschelde salt marshes


Evans, A.M.

Release of aminoacids by N2-fixing popolations of Baltic cyanobacteria


Finster, K., D.T. Welsh, L.B. Nielsen, A. Donelly, R.A. Herbert, R. de Wit and B. Aa. Lomstein

Sulphate reduction and nitrogen fixation rates associated with roots, rhizomes and sediments from Zostera noltii and Spartina stricta meadows


Flach, E., W. de Bruin, R. Dekker and J. Beukema

Diversity of the macrozoobenthic community under extreme conditions: intertidal and deep-sea


Flindt, M.R., M. Pardal, J. Neto, C.B. Pedersen and A. Bergamasco

The majority of nutrient export is bounded in plant material !


Gribsholt, B., M. Holmer and E. Kristensen

Benthic metabolism and sulfur cycling along an inundation gradient in a spartina anglica tidal saltmarsh


Groenewold, S.


European workshop on fixed monitoring networks in the North Sea region


Groenewold, S.

Seanet data interface


Hamels, I., K. Sabbe, K. Muylaert and W. Vyverman

Microbenthic communities from an intertidal estuarine flat: seasonal dynamics and potential impact on THE bacterial community


Hebbeln, D.

Environmental history of the German Bight, North Sea


Hernandez, M.A., B.E.M. Schaub, A. de Zwaan, J.M. Babarro and L.J. Stal

Are colorlesss sulfur bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria important for the survival of the blood clam Scapharca inequivalvis in anoxic sediments?


Hertel, O., E. Vignatti, L. Frohn and G. de Leeuw

Mapping atmospheric nitrogen loads to coastal marine waters


Huiskes, A.H.L., J. Stapel, B.P. Koutstaal and C. Vercouteren

Sea level rise and the vegetation of estuarine salt marshes


Iverfeldt, A., J. Munth, R. Ebinghaus, K. Larjava, O. Lindqvist, and G. Petersen

Mercury species over Europe - moe. Project overview and highlights


Jensen, J.B. and A. Kuijpers

A geological model for the fluid and gas discharge sites in Eckernförde Bay, Germany


Just, A., K. Helbig, Ch. Flechsig, F. Jacobs and R. Endler

In-situ laboratory measurements of electrical resistivity on marine sediments


Klein, L., K. von Salzen, M. Schulz, L. Spokes, S. Tamm and H. Schlünzen

Comparison of simulated and measured size distributions in a coastal area using the Aerosol Model SEMA


Koh, A., ..Curr and .... Edwards

Aerial digital photographic system - ADPS


Kronvang, B., M.L. Pedersen, O. Jorgensen and H.E. Andersen

Quantification and Modelling of subsurface nitrogen removal in small Danish agricultural catchments


Lambregts, L.

Effect of increased flooding frequnecy on the ecophysiology of three salt marsh species


Lehtoranta, J. and H. Pitkänen

Sediment-water nutrient fluxes at the coastal areas of gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)


Marczinek, S., J.A. Piotrowski and A. Dahmke

Onshore hydrogeology of the Eckenfoerde Bay, Germany


Marguerit, C.

A bidimensional numerical model for the hydrodynamic and the sedimentation in the Mont Sainnt Michel Bay


Meysman, F.

Constitutive relations for bioturbation in diagenetic models


Moens, T., M. Steyaert, J.B.M. Middelburg, P.M.J. Herman and M. Vincx

Top-down control in an estuarine benthic food web? The case of the predacious nematode Enoploides longispiculosus on the Mole-etc


Muylaert, K., R. van Mieghem, K. Sabbe, M. Tackx and W. Vyverman

Regulation of phytoplankton productivity and biomass in the turbid, freshwater tidal Schelde estuary (Belgium)


Naevdal, G., T. Johansen and G. Nyhammer

Effects of strain, haemoglobin type and environmental temperature on growth rate and age at sexual maturity in cod, Gadus Morhua L.


Nedenes, A., B. Berdal, S. Thorkildsen and O. Brix

Haemoglobin studies of cod populations in relation to geographical variation in the Southern North Sea


Ohlendieck, U., K. Gundersen, M. Meyerhoefer, K. Nachtigall, P. Fritsche and B. Bergman

Elemental C.N mass and incorporation stoiciometries in Baltic Sea cyanobacteria.


Pagou, K., G. Assimakopoulou, A. Pavlidou, E. Krasakopoulou and H. Kontoyannis

Interactions between water masses, nutrients supply and phytoplankton biomass, in a polluted area of thermaikos gulf, NW Aegean Sea


Pirrone, N.

Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Fluxes of Contaminants Entering into Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems 2) A first Assessment of the Role of Photochemically Produceced Oxydants in the Cycling of Atmospheric Mercury (Hedgecock, Forlano, Pirrone) ? zie mail dd. 14-9-1999


Regnier, P., A. Labrosse and H.J. Vested

Cohesive sediment modelling in highly turbid estuaries


Regnier, P.

Estimation of the long-term nitrogen fluxes and transformations in the Scheldt estuary using a 1D fully transient multi-component reaction-transport model


Rodríguez-Valera, F., J. Antón, A. Cifuentes and R. de Wit

Sulphate reducing bacteria in the Arcachon bay sediment


Salgado, J.P., H.N. Cabral and M.J. Costa

Comparison of the fish assemblages in tidal saltmarsh creeks and in adjoining areas in the Tagus estuary (zie ook Costa


Sartoris, F.J. and H-O. Pörtner

Temperature change and the energy demand of alphastat pH regulation in eurythermal and stenothermal marine ectotherms


Sauter, E.J. and M. Schlüter

Geochemical characterisation of fresh water seepage in methane-rich sediments of Eckernfoerde Bay, Western Baltic


Schmidt, S., H. de Stigter, T. van Weering and J-L. Reyss

Evidence of rapid sediment pahtway within the Nazaré Canyon


Schmidt, S., P. Friend and P. Herman

Estimate of sedimentation rates of a tidal flat: comparison of physical and internal methods


Sommar, J., X. Feng, K. Gårdfeldt and O. Lindqvist

Fluxes of Mercury between natural waters and air


Sprovieri, F., E. Nucaro, P. Costa, N. Pirrone, I. Wangberg and J. Munthe

Intercomparison of different types of Denuders for assessing RGM concentrations in the atmosphere


Stefels, J., S. Belviso, R.J.W. Visser, S. Øygarden and M. Stoll

DMS production and CO2 Consumption during a Phaeocystis Sp. bloom in Dutch coastal Waters


Tessier, E., D. Amouroux, E. Lemaire, H. Etcheber and O.F.X. Donard

Sources and emission of volatile iodine and selenium compounds from european estuarine environments


Thomson, A.G.

Airborne remote sensing (using CASI) of salt marshes in the Westerschelde estuary for the ISLED PROJECT


Thorin, S., A. Radureau and C. Retiere

Spatial variations of the macrozoobenthic fauna in the macrotidal flat of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay


Tiganus, V.

The present state of macrozoobenthos from macrophyte algae at the Romanian Black Sea shore


Twisk, F, R.H.M. Eertman and H. Verbeek

Linking water movement, food availability and growth of cockles


Van Duin, W.E., K.S. Dijkema, K. Zegers, S. reents and J. van den Bergs

Drainage systems in Dutch forland salt marshes versus natural creek patterns


Van Duin, W.E., A. Jigorel, K.S. Dijkema and K. Zegers

Sedimentation rates in Dutch and French salt marshes


Viaroli, P., M. Bartoli, G. Giordani, M. Naldi and I. ferrari

Recent evolution (1989-1998) of macroalgal growth and dystrophy in the Sacca di Goro lagoon (Italy)


Von Bröckel, K. and M. Meyerhöfer

Importance of Cyanobacteria within the Baltic phytoplankton community: combining microscope and pigment (HPLC) analyses


Wadsworth, R. and R. Cox

Potential of air photography in the characterisation of salt marsh creeks


Wängberg, I., J. Munthe, N. Pirrone, F. Costa, F. Sprovieri, E. Nucaro, Y. Mamane and R. Ferrara

Mercury Species in coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea during MAMCS


Widdows, J., M.D. Brinsley, P.N. Salkeld and C.H. Lucas

Spatial and temporal changes in intertidal sediment erodability: Causes and consequences


Ysebaert, T., P. Meire, P.M.J. Herman, J. Craeymeersch and H. Verbeek

Macrbenthic species reponse surfaces along estuarine gradients: Predictable?


Zakhartsev, M., B. de Wachter and R. Blust

Thermosensitivity of Baltic and North Sea eelpout (Zoarces vivaparus)


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