Blockchains for Social Good

This prize aims to develop solutions to social innovation challenges using distribute ledger technology.

This call for applications is closed. The finalists will be invited to a workshop in Brussels on 10 February to present their projects to an engaged audience.

A Jury of 30 high level experts in blockchain technologies, innovation and social sciences has now completed the first phase evaluation of the 178 received applications. All applications have been evaluated according to the selection criteria defined in the Rules of Contest and the finalists have been selected. They will be informed during the month of December 2019, alongside with a request to answer hearing questions, and a summary of their applications will be published on this website.

These finalists will also be invited to publicly present and discuss their solution at an open event which will be held in Brussels on 10 February 2020 (please note the change of date with respect to what previously announced in December).

Shortly after this public event, the Jury will meet again to select the winners. Up to 5 prizes of 1 million each will be awarded to the five best solutions that address different application areas. The winners will be announced in February/March 2020.

The future is what we make it

The challenge to solve

The challenge is to develop scalable, efficient and high-impact decentralised solutions to social innovation challenges leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs), such as the one used in blockchains.

This challenge is targeted at a wide range of actors: individuals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, research centres from technological and social disciplines, creative industries, students, hackers, start-ups and SMEs. Tackling this challenge requires multidisciplinary expertise.

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Rules of contest pdf

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Blockchains for Social Good infographic pdf

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Prize value

€5 million, to be allocated in five awards of €1 million each

Expected results

  • pioneering decentralised solutions to global and/or local sustainability challenges
  • generating positive social change by making available novel solutions for decentralising and disintermediating processes
  • demonstrating the viability of solutions enabling a more even distribution and sharing of information and resources which respects privacy while providing levels of transparency
  • stimulating the emerging community of developers and practitioners of "blockchains for social good" applications

Eligibility and award criteria

The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organisations) or groups of legal entities.

The prize will be awarded, after closure of the contest, to the contestant(s) who, in the opinion of the jury, demonstrates a solution that best meets the following cumulative criteria.

  • Social impact: both potential and already achieved by the implementation of the solution (e.g. size of the community of users engaged by the actual implementation)
  • Decentralisation and governance: improvements in transparency and accountability (while respecting privacy and/or anonymity)
  • Usability and inclusiveness
  • Viability at large scale: cost-efficiency (including energy consumption), scalability, security, and sustainability
  • Clear added value of the demonstrated implementation for European citizens, in societal, economic or environmental terms

These criteria, scoring and the weighting methodology, as well as the detailed timetable and conditions for participation, are further defined in the Rules of Contest.

While entrants are free to commercially exploit applications and services based on the developed solutions, their source code is required to be released under an Open Source Licence.


  • 16 May 2018 – contest opens
  • 2 April 2019 – deadline for registration of interest
  • 3 September 2019 – deadline to submit applications
  • September 2019 – evaluation process begins
  • 10-11 December – finalists present their projects during a public event
  • January 2020 - award of prizes


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    Mon 10 Feb

    Blockchains for social good – finalists’ day

    Brussels, Belgium

    The interactive event features discussions among the finalists as well as an engaged audience, plus poster presentations of the different applications. The general public and external participants will have ample opportunity to comment and ask questions.

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