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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Energy, environment and sustainable development

Nuclear Fission

The nuclear industry is a significant supplier of energy in Europe. Although it doesn't produce greenhouse gases, it has its own environmental issues.

The key action will focus on ensuring the safety of Europe's nuclear power plants, the people who work inside them and the general environment and population, as well as improving the global competitiveness of the industry.
Research will therefore tackle issues as diverse as prolonging the life-span of reactors and the safe disposal of radioactive waste, from radiation protection to management strategies for severe accidents.
New concepts for energy generation will also be explored.

Operational safety
  • maintaining and improving existing facilities
  • prolonging the life-span of reactors
  • severe accident management
  • evolutionary concepts

safe residual life-spans, effects of ageing, improved inspection and monitoring, occupational exposure, man-machine interface

Reactor safety and protection
  • improved safety and competitiveness of future installations
  • new concepts for energy generation
  • managing nuclear emergencies and restoring contaminated environments

integrated risk management, 'user-friendly' reactors, occupational exposure, passive safety, information exchange

Fuel cycle safety
  • cost-effective management and disposal of radioactive waste
  • assessing and managing nuclear fuel cycle safety
  • adoption of best safety practice and enhancement of public confidence

waste minimisation, chemical separation and transmutation, deep disposal, repository performance, quality assurance

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