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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Energy, environment and sustainable development

Economic and efficient energy for a competitive Europe

Whatever the source, the more efficient production and use of energy is essential for industry, society and the environment.

This key action aims to provide Europe with a reliable, clean, efficient, safe and economic supply of energy. Technologies will be developed to substantially reduce both the overall cost of energy and the amount of energy needed by industry and society. Research will contribute to improved efficiency and reduced costs throughout the energy cycle - production, storage, distribution and final use - with the energy requirements of the built environment, transport and industry sectors being a particular focus. Areas targeted will therefore range from the extraction of fossil fuels to the deployment of renewable energies, from intelligent energy networks to the socio-economic aspects of supply and demand.

Rational and efficient end-use
  • sustainable energy systems
  • supply and demand in the built-up environment

integration of lighting, space heating and cooling in buildings; vehicle performance and transport infrastructure; industrial processes

Fossil fuel production
  • efficient identification of EU resources
  • exploitation of cheaper, more competitive sources

characterisation and management of reserves; hostile subsea locations; geothermal energy; hydrocarbon recovery from coal beds

Transmission and distribution
  • improved flexibility, reliability and competitiveness for energy transmission and distribution networks
  • integration of new supplies into EU energy networks

intelligent networks; long-distance gas transmission; optimised network management and control systems; district heating; superconductivity

Macro- and Micro-scale Storage
  • optimisation of intermittent storage facilities for renewable energy
  • developments for downsizing of electronics

liquefied gas; hydrogen cells; zero-emission vehicles; advanced batteries

Improved efficiency
  • maximising deployment of renewables by reducing costs
  • enhancing understanding of their availability

biomass exploitation; waste management; photovoltaic cells; wind turbines

Supply and Demand Scenarios
  • analysis of cost effectiveness and efficiency of all energy sources
  • strategies for production, use and policy development

regional planning; social and environmental needs; modelling; impact analysis; liberalised energy markets

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