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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Energy, environment and sustainable development

Cleaner energy systems, including renewables

Making energy generation cleaner and more efficient will require both the development of renewable sources and improved use of fossil fuels.

The basic aim of this key action is to minimise the environmental impact of energy production and use. To this end it will investigate cleaner energy sources and reduce the adverse effects of fossil fuels. The cost and environmental impact of energy conversion processes will also be tackled, making all systems more efficient and cleaner.
Renewable energy sources, such as biomass, wind and solar, will be a particular focus, as will promising energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells. Systems will be deployed in grid-connected and stand-alone applications, and barriers to their widespread introduction - such as their integration into the energy grid - reduced.

Large-scale electricity generation
  • reduced emissions from coal, biomass and other fuels
  • more efficient, less damaging heat and power production
  • combined heat and power cogeneration

cogeneration, combustion and thermochemical conversion, gasification, efficient gas turbines and motors, diesel engines

Integration of new energy sources
  • integration of renewables into established grids
  • removal of non-technical barriers

hybrid systems, visual and noise pollution

Conversion technologies for renewables
  • development, demonstration and deployment
  • conversion technologies for established and new renewable energy sources (such as fuel cells)
  • decentralised generation

fuel cells, biomass for integrated energy generation systems, on-shore and off-shore wind energy, photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies, other renewable energy options

Power production
  • cost-effective reduction of pollution from power production

emission abatement technologies for power stations, hot gas cleaning, basic scientific research

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