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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Energy, environment and sustainable development

Radiation safety

Europe's knowledge and abilities in radiological sciences must be consolidated and advanced for safe and competitive production of nuclear energy.


Radiation protection and health: Every effort will be made to maintain and improve the safety and efficacy of industrial and medical uses of radiation and to understand better how to estimate the risks of low and protracted doses of ionising radiation. Research topics include:

  • biophysical and molecular-biological aspects of cancer induction;
  • repair and health effects of DNA damage;
  • epidemiology;
  • treatment of radiation injury.

Environmental transfer of radioactive material: The effects of exposure to sources of radiation must be better understood, assessed and managed to develop sound policy and good practice in managing the impact of natural and artificial sources. Priorities are:

  • fluxes of radionuclides in ecosystems;
  • vulnerability indicators;
  • conceptual and methodological bases for restoring contaminated environments.

Internal and external dosimetry: Monitoring techniques will be developed to capitalise on advances in materials science and digital electronics. Research will concentrate on:

  • dosimetry of complex radiation fields and incorporated radionuclides;
  • retrospective dosimetry;
  • innovative monitoring techniques.
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