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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Energy, environment and sustainable development

Socio-economic aspects of environmental change

People are central to change. Understanding the socio-economic aspects of sustainable development is therefore essential.


Models will be developed and applied to aid integration of sustainability into major EU policy areas such as industry, transport and tourism, and throughout the key actions of FP5. This integration will be achieved by the identification of the driving forces behind technological and environmental change, societal behaviour and global markets.

The priorities are:

  • identifying and evaluating the relationship between socio-economic development and environmental change;
  • assessing policies, institutions, demography, production and consumption, technological development, distribution, security, culture and ethics;
  • methods and tools for integrating and promoting economic, social and environmental objectives;
  • developing measures of sustainable development;
  • design and assessing different routes to eco-efficiency;
  • sustainable consumption;
  • environmental governance principles.
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