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Cancer Research
in the European Union


Brussels, 9 October 2001

The 2001 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to two British scientists (Sir Paul Nurse, the director-general of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and Dr Tim Hunt, from the fund's Cell Cycle Control Laboratory) and one American scientist (Professor Lee Hartwell), for their work on 'key regulators of the cell cycle' - or how cells work, in other words.

This pioneering work may lead to new treatments for cancer and other diseases. Cancer research is an area where the European Union is extremely active. Here are a few of the recent results and some links where you can find out more.



European Commission Research activities in Cancer:




Europe against cancer (Public Health - Health and Consumer protection Directorate-General) 

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

CORDIS web site is also a source of the projects information on Cancer in the European Union.


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